Below is a form that you can use to tell me about your Access programming needs. Please include all the details of your project to give me a better idea for a solution. All information submitted will be confidential and will not be shared with others.




What version of Access are you currently using? 97 2000 

Do you have a database currently in use that needs modification? Yes No

If yes, I will need a copy of the database for review. This can be sent via email attachment or FTP. Before the database is sent, will supply you with a signed Non-disclosure agreement to ensure you complete confidentiality.

Please tell me about your Access project needs. supplies a detailed cost/time estimate for potential projects. All project proposals have a Do-Not-Exceed cost cap. Clients are charged for actual development hours only up to and not exceeding this cap. Additional costs may be incurred if development is requested that is outside the scope of the original proposal.


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